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Barbara Berrada





After graduating from the École Duperré, School of Design, Fashion and Creation in fashion design, Barbara started working as an assistant stylist in the design studio of La Chemise Lacoste. She then went on to create her own children's clothes brand in 2009: LES ZIGOUIS.

At the heart of her design studio, she develops her own style through many artistic practices (fashion, ceramics, drawings, photography).

There, she creates and manufactures for Les Zigouis between 2 and 4 limited edition collections each year, highlighting the French style, know-how and craftsmanship.

Designer, art director, photographer, Barbara uses her style and creative potential to serve other brands on a regular basis, such as Fendi as a DA and photographer ( Summer 2013 and Winter 2014) or magazines like Papier-Mache (Australia) or Nido (Germany).

Clients :

Art Director-Photographer:

Fendi (photography/graphic design/Art direction), les zigouis, Nido magazine (photography), 
salon Playtime (scénographie/photographie/stylisme), Papier-Mache magazine (photo editor/photographe/stylisme), MONKOKO (photography, editor), cherry on the cake clothier, Bien dans ma vie magazine féminin, les bibliothèques de Rouen, l’agglomag, La Chemise Lacoste (stylisme), Peclers bureau de tendance (stylisme), Sacha Pacha bureau de tendance (stylisme).


les éditions de l'instant présent (graphisme), Les éditions Petit à Petit (author), les éditions MONKOKO, Because pour DDB (illustration), Mairie de Rouen (illustration), Mairie de Paris (illustration), La Quincaillerie Rouge (graphisme), One Little Gallery (graphisme), Lignes (scénographie).

Parutions : 

Milk magazine, Nido magazine, Vogue Espagne, Papier-mache magazine, Frankie, kid’s wear magazine etc…

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